Clothing  for women with a fuller figure.


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Welcome to Wicked Cheri - a brand based purely on designs that both flatter and enhance a woman's natural figure. 

The clothing structure is based on 3 disciplines: 

Crushed, Layered & Wicked Designs.

We cater for sizes XS to XXXL.

There are various collections that are continuously updated to suit the needs of women of all age and lifestyle groups.

Each and every garment is designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

Crushed Clothing

Through crushing the garments, we believe that it creates a sillouhette that is flattering to a woman's figure. Specific fabrics are used in order to enhance the crushed style of the garment. These fabrics are crushed one by one in order to allow specific design and sculpting effects to take place.

Layered Clothing

The garments are recommended to be worn in a layered fashion, which will accentuate your curves in the right places while at the same time making you appear slimmer. There are a number of different ways to layer the clothing so that you can dress a look up or down.

Wicked Clothing

Each garment is designed and manufactured to give off a "wicked" flare. This means that the garment will have its own unique attribute whether it's a hood, a flare at the end of the garment or pointy tips that are layered on one another. The wicked design adds a hippy spirit into the garments.


Testimonial by Jenny Ren

 "Cheryl creates a beautiful range of clothing – magical, mystical and flowing garments in lovely colours and textures. Jenny Ren recommends: “I feel like a diva in Cheryl’s clothing. On a personal note I love Cheryl’s clothing because it flatters the slightly fuller figure like mine and she has sizes up to XXXL - somehow her designs have a way of flattering the figure no matter where you have those delicious curves."